Indo-Canada Arts Council (ICAC) strives to work and get support from various funding individuals and organizations, including government and non-government agencies, to enrich our community with artistic values and cultural heritage.

Found in 2014, ICAC is a federally registered not for profit organization under Canada Corporations and is a non-government, non-partisan, and non-funded Organization.


Starting in 2017, ICAC recognized the partial funding support from the Celebrate Ontario funding program by the Government of Ontario and Building communities through the Arts Culture funding program under Canada Heritage funding and Canada's Government grants program Diwali RazzMatazz and Canada Diwali festivals.


ICAC is governed by a volunteer board of directors and guided by an advisory board comprising of community members who have varied interests and experience with their knowledge, skills, and influence within their professional and social work. These individuals excel in their fields, be it volunteer work, arts, finance, media & marketing, education, technology, or social work.

The Board of Directors

·       Dr. Azad Kaushik DSc. Paris, Honorary Chairperson

·       Dr. Vinay Gupta, Jt. Secretary

·       Mr. Ajaay Modi, Founder – Director

·       Mrs. Nimmi Bhatia, Director

·       Mrs. Ratika Modi, Artistic Director

·       Mrs. Shivani Parshad, Jt. Secretary

The Advisory Board

·       Dr. Lucky Lakshmanan

·       Dr. Sadhna Joshi

·       Mr. Ajit Jain

·       Mr. Amar Bhatia

·       Mr. Amit Goyal

·       Mr. Balraj Deol

·       Mr. Bhavin Shah

·       Mr. Chanchal Chakrabarty

·       Mr. Hemant Panwar

·       Mr. Kuldeep Sharma

·       Mr. Naresh Chavda

·       Mr. Parvesh Sangwan

·       Mr. Rajesh Khurana

·       Mr. Ray Gupta

·       Mr. Sanjeev Malik

·       Mr. Sudhir Anand

·       Mrs. Kanan Bhatt

·       Mrs. Manisha Madan

·       Mrs. Neelam Pandiputra

·      Mrs. Vaishali Panwar


Volunteers are those who work selflessly and become the unsung heroes of a success story. ICAC recognizes the contributions of the hundreds of volunteers who have been part of ICAC’s culturally rich and artistically empowered contributions. We get grateful to the numerous volunteers who help us manage the festival.

ICAC is committed to educating and motivating youth to volunteer and embrace the importance of giving back to the community. ICAC develops leadership qualities with professional training and motivation through its various events and festivals. The following are the current ICAC volunteers.


·      Mr. Ajay Sharma

·      Mr. Amit Sharma

·      Mr. Ashish Mathur

·      Mr. Bharatindu Goyal

·      Mr. Deepak Pandey

·      Mr. Rajesh Parshad

·      Mr. Sanjiv Aggarwal

·      Mr. Sharad Goyal

·      Mr. Sumit Narula

·      Ms. Anvika Narula

·      Ms. Deeksha Sharma

·      Ms. Rashmi Mathur

·      Ms. Shivani Sharma

·      Ms. Simrin Getlekar

·      Ms. Supriya Modi

·      Ms. Tripta Goyal



ICAC has the pleasure to work with various community members and organizations who believe in similar vision and values to promote and support arts and culture. Without their initial support, commitment, and encouragement, ICAC would not have been able to cast an impact in the community in such a short time.

ICAC thanks all the affiliates and partners who have made our endeavors turn into a reality and encourage active participation and contributions.


·      Asian Connections

·      CMR 101.3 FM

·      Hindu Cultural Society of Manitoba

·      Hindu Heritage Centre – Mississauga

·      Hindu Mandir – Montreal

·      Hindu Sabha – Brampton

·      Indo-Canada Cultural Association – Saskatoon

·      ISCKON – Brampton

·      Jadoo Entertainment Dance Company

·      Metroland Media

·      Mississauga Arts Council

·      Mississauga Celebration Square

·      Mississauga Ram Mandir

·      Orillia District Arts Council

·      Panwar Music & Dance Academy

·      Shiamak Dance Institute – Toronto

·      Shilompoli Dance Shethra

·      Siva Foundation – Chennai, India

·      South Asian Weekender

·      Streets Alive Productions

·      SVBF – Canada

·      The Weekly Voice

·      Veenalayam Temple of Music

·      World Brahman Samaj

Festival Committee